About Us

Royal Roofing Ltd. is owned and operated by Mr.& Mrs. Ilia Pengu. Ilia did his roofing apprenticeship in Albania, and began working as a roofer in Tirana from 1988.  Mr. Pengu and his family emigrated from Albania to Canada in 2001.  After arriving in Toronto in April 2001, Mr. Pengu immediately started working for Alpine Roofing.  He started his own business within one year, and made remarkable progress because of his business philosophy, which is simple:“Nothing but the best”.  This means: nothing but the best materials, nothing but the best workmanship, and nothing but the best service for each and every customer.

As a result, Royal Roofing’s services came to be in great demand, and the company prospered. As Calgary experienced a boom in the past decade, Ilia and his family moved to Calgary in 2006 and established Royal Roofing Contractor Ltd. as a private Alberta corporation.

During this time, there was tremendous demand for qualified trades people but a severe shortage of skilled workers. Ilia brought over competent roofers and other trades people from Albania under the Federal Skilled Workers Program. This allowed Royal Roofing to consistently maintain a qualified and stable group of employees, and to provide the level of quality workmanship which is hallmark of Royal Roofing.Our employees are committed to loyalty, honesty, dependability, and professionalism, and have a very close relationship with Mr. Pengu.

Royal Roofing has successfully completed over 3000 re-roofing projects since 2006, and gained numerous satisfied customers who have provided repeat business and referrals. Royal Roofing is a Certified Contractor with Firestone Building Products of Canada and Building Products of Canada (BP), as well as a member of the Alberta Allied Roofing Association (AARA), Better Business Bureau, Calgary Residential Rental Association, Edmonton Construction Association.



When selecting a roofing contractor, the questions which you should ask are:

1. How long have they been in business?

2. Are they bonded and insured for Worker’s Compensation and General Liability?

3. Do they have the appropriate licenses?

4. Will they give you the names and phone numbers of customers as references?

5. Do they have a satisfactory record with your local Better Business Bureau?

6. Are they willing to put all agreements, promises and understandings in writing?

7. Will they provide a bank reference if necessary?

8. What is their track record in re-roofing and roof repairs?

Here is our response: We are a registered Alberta private corporation;, we have been in business for 25 years ,; we have General Liability Insurance of $5,000,000, bonding for up to $500,000 dollars, and are fully covered by Worker’s Compensation. We will shortly obtain a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).  We have a current business license in Calgary and work throughout the province.  We would be more than happy to provide you with several references.

We have an extremely satisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau, and we always put all our agreements, promises, and understandings in writing. We will even provide a bank reference if necessary. We have 10 non-union employees who are well-trained and qualified to do an excellent job for you.

Our proudest aspect is our track record, which is flawless. Zero defects on our roofing jobs have been reported in ten years.

Royal Roofing Ltd. was established in 2006.  Since then:

We have installed a total of over 1,000 sloped roofs

We have installed a total of over 1,000 flat roofs

We have repaired over 500 roofs

We have done ten million dollars worth of business, and expect to continue expanding.

We would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers.