What are the Options for Commercial Roofing Damages?

Jul 19,2017

Commercial roofs should last many years without issues in their lifespan. However, with severe weather in Calgary, roofing systems occasionally require repair and even replacement. There are four main options when it comes to keeping commercial roofs in optimal condition and that includes: repair, re-cover, replacement and coat. Commercial roofing companies have to ask a number of questions to help determine what level of repair the roofing systems require:

  1. How extensive are the damages?
  2. Is the building currently being used?
  3. Has the roof already been covered?
  4. What is the difficulty level of removing the roof?
  5. What is the building used for?
  6. Does it have proper insulation?
These questions and more help to determine the best plan of action for repairing a commercial roofing system.

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When to Repair a Commercial Roof

Throughout the lifespan of the commercial roofing system there will be repairs that can keep long term costs down. Spot repairs and maintenance is an excellent strategy for avoiding more significant problems later on. If the insulation and membrane are in good condition, repair is typically the best solution.

When to Re-Cover a Commercial Roof

A commercial roof can only be re-covered once. This is an alternative to completely replacing the roofing system. A re-cover is typically done when the cell membrane has met its life expectancy but the rest of the roofing system is sound. A re-cover is essentially putting another membrane on top of the old and this is a great solution for minimizing costs and disruption, since the entire roof will not have to be pulled off. This is ideal for businesses that cannot close or relocate to have a roof replacement, and for those that want a cost-effective solution.

When to Coat a Commercial Roof

Coating a commercial roof is a great way to extend its life before requiring replacement. There are also reflective coatings available that offer energy savings. A coat on the roof will improve the roof’s aesthetic and prevent leaks, while providing a cost-effective option for keeping the system in the best working order possible. It is also useful for companies to know that oftentimes, a coating can be written off as a yearly expense.

When to Replace a Commercial Roof

After a commercial roof has already been covered once, or the roof is simply too old or damaged to make any other alternative safe, roof replacement will be the likely candidate. If the roof needs to be replaced there are many benefits to having a brand new roof installed including less repair and maintenance costs, energy savings and it will not be likely to have any issues for many years. If the building owner plans to keep the building long-term, a full roof replacement is a great option to have the warrantees and guarantee that the roofing system will be in great shape for decades after the initial work has been completed.

Whether a repair, re-cover, coat or replacement is needed,Royal Roofing LTD can strategize the most cost-effective solution for building owners in Calgary that need work completed on their commercial roofing system.