Why Your Commercial Roof May Need Replacement

Apr 19,2017

Commercial Roofing Contractor Calgary

There are different reasons why commercial property owners may need to seek a commercial roofing contractor to install a new roof. At Royal Roofing Ltd. we are experts in replacing many types of roofs due to falling trees or roof damage, but there are several other reasons why it may be time to consider having a new roof installed on your commercial or industrial building.

Add Value to Your Property:

Installing a new commercial roof will add value to your property. Replacement of old, failing, damaged or leaky roofs with a new roofing system will protect the financial investment you have made in your property. Installation of a brand new shingle, flat or metal roof will transform the curb appeal and will also increase the value of the property. Nothing will make your property stand out and look more appealing than a new roof.

Leaky Roofs:

Leaks are considered minor problems that can easily be corrected. But a regularly leaking roof means that there is water intrusion in the roof that can lead to major problems if it's not repaired quickly. We are one of the few roofing contractors in Calgary who uses state-of-the-art infrared technology to locate water intrusion. We also use infrared cameras to detect leaks that are hard to find and to determine moisture levels. If your roof has regular leaks or leaks are very prominent, it may be the right time to replace your old roof.

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New Construction:

If you're looking for an estimate to install the roof on your new home or commercial property, Royal Roofing Ltd. is more than happy to provide you an estimate for brand new construction roofing projects. We will provide an estimate for metal roofing, shingle roofing, tile roofs, flat roofing, slate roofs and even TPO roofing. When roofing is involved, we have the knowledge and experience to install any and all types of roofing.


If your building is old enough, the roof insulation may create acids when wet. These acids further corrode steel in your roof deck. Replacement of a commercial roof improves the building's insulation and will also decrease the damage caused by ice damming.

Update the Exterior of Your Property:

These days, commercial roofing projects often choose to replace their old traditional 3-tab shingle roof with a new laminated slate-look shingle. Many business owners take advantage of the roof replacement project to enhance the appearance of their property with an architectural roof.

Metal roofing is commonly used for both commercial and residential roofing as it not only changes the appearance of the property but also provides a lifetime of dependability. Slate and tile roofing have been around for centuries and provide the beauty and durability that no other type of roofing provides.

It gives your residential or commercial property a world class appearance instantly.

Only the trained eyes and experienced hands of a commercial roofer can tell you the truth about your roof. Contact us today to schedule your FREE ROOF INSPECTION and to determine the best time for your residential or commercial roof replacement.