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Commercial and industrial roof systems are generally low slope (flat) systems that require extreme care and skill during installation in order to be trouble-free.  “Low-sloped roofs are defined as those roofs with a slope less than or equal to 3:12 (25 percent). However, with the exception of metal roofs, most low-slope roofs have a slope of about ¼:12 (2 percent). Steep-slope roofs are defined as those roofs with a slope greater than 3:12 (25 percent)”. (


“The introduction and rapid acceptance of single-ply membranes into the U.S. roofing market in the 1970s was likely the most significant roofing industry change in twentieth century. Another notable development in the 1970s was the widespread acceptance of rigid foam roof insulations, although this pales in comparison with the development of single-ply membranes. It is doubtful that another issue will be as revolutionary as the introduction of the single-plies. Since the single-ply revolution, changes in the roofing industry have been primarily driven by environmental and worker health issues and the pursuit of methods to reduce the amount of labor needed to install roof systems.” (


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Courtesy ARCA Manual

Royal Roofing Ltd. specializes in commercial and industrial roofs and in the application of single-ply EPDM and TPO membranes manufactured by Firestone Building Products of Canada with 25 to 30 year warranties. The information shown below is from

RubberGard EPDM Roofing Systems

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Since its introduction in 1980, Firestone RubberGard EPDM has dominated the single-ply roofing market through its proven performance, durability and flexibility over a wide range of building types. RubberGard has delivered more than two decades of commercial roofing success by building upon a heritage of innovation in rubber polymer technology for the rubber compounding and tire industries. Based on ethylene propylene diene monomer, the versatile membrane offers a variety of installation options including fully adhered, ballasted or mechanically attached, that deliver superior long-term weatherability and exhibit exceptional wind uplift resistance.

Platinum EPDM Roofing Systems

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Firestone RubberGard Platinum delivers the commercial roofing industry’s first 30-year warranty covering incidental punctures, high winds and hail up to two inches in diameter. Platinum combines the strength of 90-mil RubberGard EPDM with Firestone HailGard composite insulation for outstanding thermal performance and puncture resistance. Seamed with Firestone QuickSeam Tape, Platinum offers watertight seams with increased strength.

UltraPly TPO Roofing Systems

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Firestone UltraPly TPO is a flexible, hot-air welded thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membrane available in both 8’ and 10’ widths. Suitable for a variety of low slope applications, UltraPly TPO features a white, tan or gray reflective surface that can help reduce a building’s cooling requirements.

Platinum TPO Roofing Systems

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Firestone UltraPly Platinum TPO is the industry’s first thermoplastic roofing system backed by a 30-year warranty. Comprised of a durable, 80-mil-thick scrim-reinforced membrane, UltraPly Platinum can be either fully adhered or mechanically attached to Firestone HailGard insulation and fastened to a wide range of deck substrates. The reflective surface of UltraPly Platinum meets EnergyStar standards for energy savings in warm climates, making it an exceptional long-term roofing value for building owners.

UltraPly TPO InvisiWeld System

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The UltraPly TPO InvisiWeld system from Firestone is a non-penetrating mechanical fastening solution that greatly reduces labour while increasing the wind uplift resistance of the Firestone UltraPly TPO membrane. This VOC-free system features TPO-coated Firestone UltraPly TPO InvisiWeld Plates attached to the UltraPly TPO membrane using an induction welding tool. The InvisiWeld System meets or exceeds Factory Mutual (FM) approvals and requirements. The roofing season can be extended since the InvisiWeld System functions well in many climates, including extremely cold environments where adhesives and asphalt are difficult to use. Eliminating insulation seam plates and fasteners reduces installation time and labor costs. Membrane waste is less because a 6″ in-seam lap is no longer needed. This system requires less material for perimeters and corners than other attachment methods.

Metal Roofs: Warranted UNA-CLAD UC Panels

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Available in copper, zinc, and 31 standard PVDF-painted aluminum and steel colors, Firestone UC Roofing System Panels can be used with all Firestone Roofing Systems and Firestone ISO 95+ polyiso insulation. Firestone offers a wide selection of accessories for all metal roofing systems. Select UC Roofing System Panels are also backed by Firestone’s Red Shield Warranty coverage when used in an architectural application.  The UNA-CLAD™ UC-3, UC-4, UC-6 and UC-14 metal roofing systems are also eligible for the 30-Year Platinum Warranty.

Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-3 Roofing Panel is a factory formed double-lock, architectural standing seam metal roof panel that provides a traditional look and utilizes mechanical seaming to enhance design needs. With its proven high wind performance capabilities, UC-3 Roofing Panel can be curved and tapered and accommodate complex architectural geometry.  It may qualify for our 30-Year Platinum Warranty.

Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-4 Roofing Panel is a patented self-locking, architectural standing seam metal roof panel that completely eliminates the need for clips. UC-4 Roofing Panel’s unique integral fastening flange accommodates thermal movement, and its easy snap-together seam saves installation time and money. Firestone’s 25-year Millennium Warranty may be available for this system as well.

Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-6 Double-Lock Standing Seam Roofing Panel utilizes the proven seaming process of Pittsburgh Locking in conjunction with the floating action of a concealed clip assembly. This design allows for expansion and contraction caused by natural elements to provide a virtually leak proof roof with exceptional uplift ratings. UC-6 Roofing Panels have the ability to span open purlins.  This system may qualify for a 30-year Platinum Warranty.

The Firestone UNA-AD UCLC-14 Roofing Panel is a factory formed architectural standing seam metal roof panel with a proven 1 3/4″ tall continuous interlocking seam that snaps together for ease of installation. The system uses a concealed clip fastening system for added protection and is able to accommodate very long panels and virtually unlimited thermal expansion.


The Ducker Research Company study showed that the life cycle cost of a metal roof is significantly less than BUR and Single Ply roofing. Steel roofing had the lowest maintenance costs and had, on average, a 17+ year greater lifespan than the other two roofing systems. The study also concluded that building owners believe that service life and life cycle costs are the most important factors in roofing material selection and overall, metal roofing is by far the best option based on its lowest life cycle cost. Add to this the fact that steel roofing is 100% recyclable, has industry leading recycled content and easily qualifies for LEED Canada certification.” Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (


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Firestone ISO 95+ Polyiso Insulation offers high-energy efficiency through the highest R-value ratings per inch versus other insulation materials and is compatible with all types of commercial roofing systems. The lightweight, easy-to-handle insulation is especially suited for direct application on FM approved and UL classified steel roof deck assemblies. Standard flat ISO 95+ is available in board sizes of 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’ and in thicknesses from 1” to 4″.

Firestone ISO 300 offers a closed-cell polyiso foam core laminated to a polymer coated glass-fiber mat facer that is moisture resistant. ISO 300 was originally designed for cold-applied modified bitumen roofing systems, because it maximizes coverage rates of adhesives and achieves enhanced code approvals for some assemblies. ISO 300 can be used with all Firestone Roofing Systems.


Royal Roofing Ltd is working towards being a Master Contractor.  “Firestone-licensed contractors annually earn Master Contactor status by accumulating Quality Points for achieving exceptional inspection ratings on Firestone Red Shield warranted roofing system installations. Firestone values the partnerships it shares with Master Contractors and each year we show our appreciation through a recognition event.

“Expert Design + Proven Materials + Quality Installation = A Quality Roof”

As has been noted above “Expert Design + Proven Materials + Quality Installation = A Quality Roof”.  Firestone has a 30-year history of proven materials and Royal Roofing Ltd. has a 25-year history of quality workmanship.


We can offer the entire range of quality low slope roofing systems because  Firestone is the only company in the low-slope commercial roofing industry capable of producing roofing systems and products for every major market segment.


Our roofers have been certified by Firestone Building Products to install a variety of Firestone roofing systems.  As indicated by Firestone “Contractor Quality Training Seminars are designed for key field employees, such as superintendents, crew leaders and skilled installers, who are directly responsible for achieving quality roof installations. The seminars combine classroom activities with hands-on training and cover the installation of RubberGard EPDM, UltraPly TPO, UNA-CLAD Metal and 2-Ply SBS Modified Bitumen roofing systems.Participation is open to Firestone-licensed contractors and contractors interested in becoming Firestone-licensed”.


Royal Roofing does not use PVC roofing membranes because of their poor performance in North America, nor SBS Modified Bitumen membranes because they requires a torch on application, thus increasing the risk of fires. According to the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA):Torch-applied operations can be hazardous to roofers and the public. Torching can reach temperatures over 1093°C or 2000°F. Roofers may suffer serious burns from the torch or the hot modified bitumen they are applying. In addition, temperatures generated by torching applications have been known to start fires that may smoulder out of sight, only to burst into flame later, well after torching is over.


At the same time we work with many property management companies to re-roof or repair condominiums, and we are experts in both low-slope and steep slope roofs. See Condominum and Residential Roofs